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Local SEO - Samples

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Service Overview

This is an example of an actual Local SEO Service performed for Shipaa, a logistics company based in the USA that was facing challenges in optimizing its local presence.

GMB Optimization

As part of the project, we performed an assessment and NAP optimization of client’s listings across local directories as well as social media platforms.

We paid particular attention to Google My Business, and besides optimizing their contact information, we made a few posts from the client’s page that feature prominent imagery & videos.

Local Citations

We strategically build citations across relevant high-traffic local directories and business platforms, where customers frequently seek logistics solutions:

Website URL
Monthly traffic

Online communities

We targeted specific Quora questions and forum threads and placed backlinks that lead to Shipaa’s website. Not only is this beneficial for brand awareness, but those positive brand mentions will surely get noticed by search engines.
See some examples in the table below:
Post URL
Anchor text
There are no rows in this table

Link Building

We build links from a variety of complementary resources to diversify the website’s backlink profile.
📋 EDU resources & profiles
🗃️ PDF sharing
📑 Social bookmarks

🌐 Web 2.0 articles & profiles
📖 Online directories
📝 Press releases

💼 Online portfolios
📊 Infographics
📸 Image & video Submissions

If you want to see specific examples - check out the full spreadsheet by clicking the button below

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Other services

We offer a variety of other services that can take your SEO to the next level!

Crowdo Links

We post authentic replies on high-traffic forums and communities and place links to your website in an organic way.

Best For: Website owners who want to increase their traffic and enrich their backlink profile.

Starts from $6.95 per link

Quora & Reddit Promotion Service

Our team searches for trending discussions and creates thematic posts that link to your website.

Best For: Website owners who want to increase referral traffic and brand awareness

Starts from $9.99 per link

Outreach Guest Posting Service

Our team writes an article with a link to your website and reaches out to blog owners to arrange a guest post submission.

Best For: Website owners who want to grow their domain ranking and establish niche authority

Starts from $149 per post

Foundation Links

Our team leverages popular directories, bookmark websites, and other web 2.0 sources to place backlinks for your website.

Best For: Website owners who want to diversify their backlink profile and rank for low-competition keywords.

Starts from $199


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